Monday, 19 May 2014

Easy does it

I nearly didn't make it to yoga on Friday.
The pain was pretty loud and being very unreasonable and had me running very late.
But I decided to practise 'better late than not at all' and I'm so glad I did.
Sometimes it's a word or a phrase or a title or a name that I hear that takes me on a little spontaneous journey of discovery, and it was in Friday morning's yoga class that I nearly didn't get to that the latest learning was sparked.

"Today, easy does it", I heard our divine yoga teacher say during her introduction.
"Easy does it". That's a phrase I haven't heard for years.

Easy does it. I've probably heard it a zillion times in my life, but never really thought about its meaning and relevance. But on Friday it stuck and I've been saying it randomly ever since.

I looked it up of course. Well actually, I looked up the word easy, defined as
'not difficult ; achieved without great effort'.

Yep...that's what I thought easy meant...
without difficulty, without effort.

But following on was a long list of common phrases using the word easy, and there it was, easy does it. Ya gotta love the Oxford!

This is what it said...

To go carefully; to be lenient; to not be harsh... Hmm.
This was great advice.
The message I needed to hear.

You see I have a long history of being quite harsh with myself, especially when in pain.  I would push through, rally, pretend it wasn't happening and do my best to not let it interfere with my plans - and berate myself when it did. Full steam ahead. Carry on as normal. No ease about it. And all that would achieve was more pain. Pain on top of pain.
I know...crazy hey?

This time, I did it different. I did as Sally said. I did easy does it. I cancelled catch-ups and re-prioritised my to-do list - my new number one: get on the couch and stay there as long as possible.

And it's still with me...I've been doing easy does it all weekend - with the housework, meals, scheduling activities but also and more importantly with myself. I am going carefully - treating my emotional and mental state with care - going gently, giving myself the time and space to recover.

But we need not be in physical pain to apply this old adage... It's one to live by.


  1. Hi Gena,
    You might not be interested in any more diet-reforms, and maybe you've already heard about this new research into the link between IBS and FODMAPs... but in case you haven't, check out this:
    I have it tried it - with great success (though my symptoms were less severe than yours). I don't know why more people haven't heard of it.

    1. Thanks Sue. I will check it out. I am always interested in new dietary information re IBS never know what may help!