Thursday, 15 May 2014

The joy continues

In my office I have what I call My Little Bookshelf.
It's not that it's small, but it does house my collection of 'little books' : )

Yesterday while standing at my printer, waiting for it to finish a job, I glanced across at the little books on my Little Bookshelf, and, as happens so often, heard the call of one book in particular. "Pick me! Pick me!".

This was that book.
I smiled.  It's a real treasure.
A dear friend of mine is dear friends with its creator and illustrator, Kate Knapp. It's one of those books you know you can count on for the beauty and wisdom you need in times of trouble.
I opened it decisively.
This was no time to flick through at a leisurely pace and so my fingers found their way to this divinely random page...

Goose bumps.
As you know, I had only just written about Joy two days before!
But let's look a little more closely at Richard Wagner's message - Joy is not in things...
Does this mean that the Joy I experienced when I looked up at the blue on Monday was not coming from the sky at all?   The sky wasn't joyous - I was?

Of course, I can hear you say.  But how easily we forget.


  1. You know what the most amazing thing is about your blog's Gena? I feel like you are sitting there right in front of me on the screen and I am listening to your voice.

    J.Lo x

    1. : ) lovely feedback...thanks J.Lo xx

  2. Joy… a simple and beautiful word. Thanks to you my awareness this week has been much greater and I have consciously let myself feel joy in the smallest of things… Thank you

    1. Goose bumps Vicki! How beautiful. thank you for sharing : ) xx