Thursday, 29 May 2014

Then there were the butterflies

Not only do I like to read all-things-wisdom, I also like to listen to them.
This morning walking Harvey was no exception. Except that this author and speaker, Martha Beck has only just come into my life. Her audio that I started listening to yesterday is called Finding your own North Star and is based on her book by the same title.

This morning I heard her tell the amazing story of metamorphosis that caterpillars undergo in order to become butterflies. I listened until I arrived back home, captivated by the power and grace that is nature, then turned off my iPod and went about my morning. No further thought of butterflies - I was too caught up in kangaroos!

At 12.30 I met a dear friend for lunch. After about an hour of sharing our latest news, she announced she had bought a new set of cards, which I had a quick look through, and a new book, which looked really interesting. It was a book on Mandalas - something I have had a quiet fascination with for some time. I didn't pay any attention to its title - I was too keen to take a look inside.

I opened it at random, to this...

Not only was the mandala exquisite, it consisted of butterflies. Hmm...that's the second butterfly incident today...

After a little more chatting we parted ways and I ducked into the library to pick up a book I had reserved. Book in hand, and ten minutes up my sleeve, I decided to head to a computer and look through the catalogue for a book on mandalas. This is what I walked past...

And then this...

What's with all the butterflies? It was uncanny. And of course, I knew I had to look it up when I got home.

What I discovered was big. And powerful.

I knew the butterfly was symbolic of transformation, and no doubt I will learn more from Martha Beck, but what I took from Scott Alexander King's book, Animal Dreaming, is that when we're contemplating change, the butterfly offers three windows of opportunity, with each window being signposted by 'butterflies in the stomach'.

Wow. Right, I'm on the look out for more butterflies - but this time I'll be looking on the inside, cos once they're felt, an ending of some kind is destined - change will be in the wind and with it, growth, rebirth and healing. I wonder what will unfold next...

And how about this amazing fact: butterflies are deaf. Scott Alexander King says this "...encourages us to harness the silence so that we may better hear those around us...those who may be calling intuitively to us from the heart..."

A beautiful idea to ponder when next you see a butterfly - sometimes we need to listen to what it is we are not hearing.

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