Thursday, 29 May 2014

This morning it was kangaroos

Today has turned out to be one of those days. A day when lots of signs and messages come synchronistically. Truth be told, every day is probably like that, its just that maybe today my antennae were super sensitive.

I really needed to feel the fresh cool morning air on my face this morning, so I decided to take Harvey and me on the 'big walk' - the one that takes me out bush, up the road from our place. It wasn't particularly early - about 9.30 - when we met with our first pair of kangaroos. There they were, only a few metres away, silent and still, watching me and Harvey while he did a wee. They were big, and scared the hell out of me.

We walked on quickly. Ten minutes down the track, this time a family of kangaroos - again, still and watching in silence. I didn't notice them until we were right next to them - they just blend in with the shrubs and trees.

I quickened my step, pulling Harvey to catch up with me. Not five minutes later, another group. This time very close to the path. This time bigger. This time I broke into trot. And just when I thought it was safe to stroll... two more!

What on earth is going on today? I thought. We've walked every morning this week and not spotted one! I knew that I would have to look it up when I got home.
I have this special book, given to me by a special friend.

Its author, Scott Alexander King, claims that every animal in existence is permeated with a symbolic meaning that acts as an aid and support to us humans in every aspect of our lives.

I have dipped into this book countless times since it joined my collection.

Sometimes it'll be a dream with a certain animal in it, or someone will give me a card with a particular creature on it, or I'll hear a mention via a story and I know to go to 'the book' and look it up.

Abundance is what the Grey Kangaroo symbolises.

There are a few paragraphs about it but this is what stopped me momentarily:

"If Grey Kangaroo has vaulted into your life today, your life will soon be rich with productive emotion,
thought and knowledge."
 (p. 50 Animal Dreaming)

There's been plenty of emotion alright! This blog is certainly drawing emotion and thought out of me, and sends me seeking new knowledge, all of which is proving enjoyable and bringing purpose to my days.

But this 'sign' today, all those kangaroos, has actually turned out to be a very positive affirmation...You see, I hope to be embarking on a new journey soon; one that has the potential to be rich with productive emotion, thought and knowledge...

I have applied to do a Masters by research at LaTrobe Uni! My plan, to read and write about forgiveness and its impact on health and wellbeing.
Whoa...pretty big.
I'm still in shock about it. It has come completely out of the blue. And the synchronicity behind its conception...well, thats a whole other post!

For now, I'm excited about the possibility of researching such a vital yet underrated function and sharing my findings with and for the greater good.
My application is being processed - I'll let you know when I know ; )

But now, back to the seemingly crazy coincidences I have encountered today...

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