Monday, 9 June 2014

All you need

It's been a big week.
A lot of sleeping and resting in bed recovering from a little procedure I had last Tuesday - hence the long gap between posts.  I knew I was feeling better last night when I started thinking about what this next post would be.  
There's been plenty of  reading and revelations these past few days - too many for one post! So I will share the one that shook me the most.
Saturday morning I woke feeling quite upset. There was still too much pain for my liking and I was struggling with some old beliefs that had resurfaced. Negative beliefs about lack and unworthiness. The kind of nasty beliefs that can keep you imprisoned in a world of fear where your choices stem from trying to prove that you're 'enough'.
I got up for breakfast and was laying on the couch when my phone dinged. It was an email notification. It said I had sent myself an email. I hadn't. I was still half asleep! I opened the email. This is what I saw...

I was stumped.
It blew me away.
How did it get there? And who had sent it?
I called out to my daughter. It was her. She had made it for me on the iPad and somehow sent it through : ) 
I don't know if she sensed my despair or if it was just a case of perfect timing. Whatever it was, it was exactly what I needed.
It's true - ALL you need IS love. But how easily we forget.

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