Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Seek on!

Sunday was just another day...another day of dealing with pain.
Persistent consistent debilitating abdominal pain. The kind of relentless pain that seems to have no end.

I spent most of the day feeling miserable. And wishing it was different. Very different. This I know creates more suffering. Suffering on top of suffering. I gave in to it for a change, and practised 'easy does it' to the point where I spent all day in my favourite pyjama pants. I rested. I read. And I read some more - the seeker desperately searching for something to hold on to, some hope when she felt like there was none.

And just when I felt like giving up, just when I was feeling fed up with words - which rarely happens as you can imagine - I saw this...

It was just what I needed. My anguish and turmoil was transformed as a sense of peace and hope washed through me.

Everything IS possible, to those who seek and persevere.

I love this man's work. His words are truth and love and empowerment.

And just look at the book's title...

LETTING GO of the person you used to be. Shut up!

I had a little surge of enthusiasm, the seeker in me wanting more. I threw caution to the wind and sent my beautiful daughter to the bookshelf to find another of Lama Surya Das's books, knowing that which ever one she picked would be the right one. I knew there were a few to choose from but she couldn't find any at first. Eventually she came to me with this...

But this time it wasn't his words that struck me. I haven't looked at this book for at least year, but check out what was in there - this affirmation card lodged between two pages marking the place I had last visited...

 Again - just what I needed to know.

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