Wednesday, 16 July 2014

A work-in-process

I have always been of the belief that we are each a work-in-progress.

Evolving, changing, learning, growing, progressing - on a journey to becoming our best self.

But the concept of progress implies that there is a destination - a goal to reach; movement in a forward direction; arriving somewhere that's better than before.

When it came to my health, this was my goal - to rid myself of pain so that I can get on with my life; to conquer the obstacles to wellbeing so that I could get to the place where life is more peaceful and easier.

So much so that my desire to be free of pain became my number one priority. The destination was more important than the journey.  And it was proving detrimental.

My beautiful holistic healer Kiki reminded me yesterday that it is the process that counts.

"Pretend you are walking from here to Brisbane...doesn't matter how long it will take or how far away it is...
you will get there...just keep walking."
It is the process that matters, she tells me.
Practice! You have to practice...everyday!
Her wisdom wills me to believe that I can keep walking - that I can think good thoughts, that I can feel good again, that I can do the things that encourage wellness, that I can choose to be happy.

I had forgotten that practice is the goal. That practice is what gets us there. That practice and process are what counts - even though the sticky- note on my desk says so!

Every step, every choice, every thought, every action, all instrumental in helping me get there.

So I am now a work-in-process.
And I am going to just keep walking - one foot, then the other.