Thursday, 3 July 2014

Let it go

Today's post is coming from a place of unkown.
Usually I know the lesson I am going to write about. But not today.

As always, there have been many this past week but with the busyness of birthdays and kids home on school holidays I have had little time to write.

This morning I was wondering which insight to share and then I got the feeling to go to the computer and start typing - that the post would come.

Typing those words inspired the thought - then I guess I must trust.
Trust that the words will flow.
Trust myself enough to let what wants to be said, said.
Trust that it will turn out ok.

But if I do that, then I have to let go of control - something that I struggle with.

In fact, I struggle with letting go full stop. Remember those beautiful badges...

My body tells me that I don't let go easily. Again this week I have had days of pain and difficulty. And again I wonder what it is I need to let go of. Beliefs, patterns, habits. These things come to mind.

But on Friday of last week I came across something I didn't realise I was holding on to that needed letting go of. This card was the prompt :

Give birth to the question and let it go - and allow the answer to flow.

The revelation came as I was walking Harvey an hour after seeing this card.

In the 6am air I realised there was a question I had asked about four weeks ago that I had kept on asking. Over and over and over again. I was desperate for the answer. I wanted to know. But I clung to that question. And each time I asked it along came fear. There was no room for trust.

The tears and goose bumps let me know that I 'got it'. I had finally learnt the lesson - to ask then let the question go; and by letting go, trust that the answer will come on the universe's schedule. And I finally let that big question go!

I got the answer Monday : )

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  1. Dear Seeker and Sage...Let it go...
    I'm finding that hard, but your blog is helping me work through this self that what it is..letting go?
    x N