Friday, 16 January 2015

A Hell-ish journey

Forgive me friends and fellow travellers for my rather long absence - I've been in holiday-mode. And I've had a hard time getting out of it! 

A lot has happened since I last posted a post - we've had a visit from Santa, said goodbye to 2014, said 'Hello 2015!', eaten too much, drank too much and as far as I'm concerned - driven too much! (Sorry Rolly)

It's just that I'm not so great at 'journeys' - as you know I'm all about the destination. And as we know, that perspective often gets me in trouble.

But I recently had an experience where the journey mattered more than the destination.

We were in Hell, literally, at my in-laws property in Western NSW. (And no I'm not being disrespectful - I use the name which Banjo Paterson quotes in his famous poem, Hay and Hell and Booligal, with affection.)

Anyway, I love being in Hell. Life is simple there. We wander and play and explore and rest at our leisure - so long as it fits in with morning and afternoon tea! There's something about the lack of connectivity with the rest of the world and that big big sky that is freeing.

One of my favourite things to do is ride. 
And when your in Hell no helmet's required.
My preferred mode of transport, my sister-in-laws bike from her youth :
 And with no other cars, bikes, pedestrians, or people! lights, no road rules, just me and that never ending horizon underneath that big ol is freedom. And joy.

And for once I don't want to reach my destination. 
I just want the journey to go on and on and on.

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  1. Well I've missed my dose of reading you (and catching up) but so glad you got a break. Those pics look devine, a worthwhile journey indeed!