Monday, 21 April 2014

The seeker and the sage

I am a seeker.
I want to know, to understand.
I love books - the wisdom-literature kind.
That is where I go when I want to know.
I have been living this way for years. When life is challenging or I am struggling with a situation or an issue, I want to learn from it so that I can understand myself and others better and use it to heal.
I am also a sage.
I used to think that my voracity for reading self-help books was me searching for the answers outside of myself, but now I realise that the sage within - that part of me that 'knows' -has been guiding me to the words or message that I have so desperately needed in order to understand, to heal.
When I tune in to my inner sage a certain book will come into my life in a seemingly random way, or  a one will stand out on the shelf - I will be drawn to it, and I will go to it and open it at the 'right' page and once there, read something profound - words that uncover and provoke a deep understanding. My inner sage responds with goose bumps - a sure sign that I am exactly where I need to be.

Last week I felt compelled to go to  a book called A Course in Weightloss by Marianne Williamson.
I was feeling flat and troubled about my chronic ill-health (that's a big story, and a long story, and one that you will definitely hear more about as my blog unfolds!) and that book title flashed through my mind.
I have it on my kindle, and since I know better than to ignore such messages, I opened it and read from where I had last stopped because I also 'know' that there will be something in those next few pages that will trigger some great revelation or help me to take the next step in my journey.
Several pages went by and nothing jumped out at me until I read the words blocked love.
Blocked love. Blocked love? Blocked love... Goose bumps!
Years of self-reflection and trying to discover the 'inner' source of my illness and I had never thought about it as a blockage of love - and that by not writing I was stopping the flow. You see for years I have let my fears about writing and sharing stop me from expressing who I really am and what I believe.
But something was triggered when I read those two words and in that moment I decided to allow the love to flow - to create this blog, to share the love and to write my way to good health.
So welcome to my blog! I hope that the learnings I discover and share from my seeker and sage help you as much as they help me.
Love Gena xx


  1. Brilliant. Congratulations.

  2. : ) Thanks so much Gina! xx

  3. Beautiful words. Let the love flow indeed. I know you will, and that your words will touch many in ways you may never even realise.
    You are undoubtably a wordsmith - now follow your writer's heart.

    1. Oh Eddie...that's a beautiful thing to say. Thank you!

  4. Woo hoo ... go Gen! Fantastic. Lots of love and best wishes. Lisa xx

  5. So proud aunty gena! I've already shared your blog to my friends on the internet so everyone can enjoy your brilliant writing! Caity xx

  6. Goose bumps Cait! Thank you :) xx