Monday, 2 March 2015

The wisdom within

This morning I attended day one of a week-long early morning yoga intensive.

At 5.25am the alarm shook me out of my much-needed slumber and I wondered with a heavy head for the hundredth time this past week,
why did I say yes to this?

Don't get me wrong, I'm a big fan of yoga, and it's not like anyone is 'making me' do it - I volunteered... with enthusiasm!

You see this particular yoga teacher is someone I love to learn from. Truth be told, it's almost enough for me to be in the same room as him. So it's not like I didn't want to do it - I just wondered at 5.26 when I dragged myself to the loo and at 5.27 when I was reluctantly running the shower and at 5.41 when I was backing down the driveway in denial...
Why say yes to getting up this early five mornings in a row? 
Why do it to yourself?!

It seems I wasn't the only one wondering why.

Not five minutes into the session and we've been asked the same question:
Why are you here? 
What was the impulse that made you want to come here today, 
this morning, and practise yoga? 

I pondered this why some more while sitting on my mat. And again throughout the practice. A number of reasons came to mind but I'm not even sure they matter. Our teacher's point was that we felt some kind of urge that then led to the thinkings that led to all the plans we had put in place to be there. We think the idea to say yes has come from our thoughts, but before that there was a felt sense of yes that came from the body.

Another why has just come to me as I write this post -
why am I even telling you this?

Because a dear friend was talking to me about this very thing over a cup of tea this afternoon <3

And because I think this happens a lot. For many of us.

We've all had that fleeting intuitive hunch that we feel in our gut or that little leap in our heart - the impulse to say yes or no to something. And often we do. But then our mind starts trying to talk us out of it. It claims to know what's best for us, or what's right. Or we feel it, but we don't know if we can trust it.

But as our visiting Yogi pointed out this morning, the body is intelligent. It knows what we need. And if we listen to those signals and urges more often, respecting this innate wisdom we all have within, then maybe we'd be more content, more happy, more peaceful, more healthy, more alive.

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