Thursday, 19 June 2014

More than a feeling

I have this thing about hearts.
I love them!

They're hanging off things...

and decorating things...


They remind me to love.

I also love the word love.

I wear it...

I see it...


It too, reminds me to love - to feel love and be love.

The other day I was unexpectedly invited to see love differently. I was searching on my mobile for more of Louise L Hay and stumbled across this author. This was the screen I got...
Make love a verb.
This notion of love being a verb is not new to me. Several years ago I toyed with the idea of making another card set, this time centred around love. It was to be called Love is a verb.  Because love is more than a feeling - it's also a verb; a doing word. Our actions - our 'doings' either stem from how we are feeling or how it is we want to feel.

Lately I have been focusing on 'feeling' love but not necessarily following through. This jolt from Cheryl Richardson reminded me to turn the 'feeling' into a 'doing'.

Funnily enough, the actual lesson wasn't about 'doing' more love for others - I already do plenty of that!  It was about the love I need to 'do' for myself - cos I know I definitely don't do enough of that.

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  1. I wonder if that's why we say "love heart!"?