Sunday, 1 June 2014

Then I went looking for the book on mandalas

Remember how Thursday was all about the kangaroos and the butterflies, and how I went to the library to pick up a reserve and then went searching for a book on mandalas? ( I know it's a lot to take in, but bear with me ...)

Well I eventually made my way to the 740s - the home of the the mandala book. I crouched down to find it and in the process discovered  Leunig. I took in an awe-filled breath. His work has touched my heart many times over the years. This is the book I saw...

I was so excited to have stumbled across this collection!
And I did what I do - I opened it randomly, and this is what I got...

It probably won't mean anything until I tell you that that exact picture is hanging on the wall near my front door. Four hundred plus pages and that's the one I opened up to.

And guess what else? Take a closer look its message...

Remember my post from last Thursday about letting go?  Well the very person who gave me the print was so inspired by that post he made me a bunch of badges to honour that post's message and dropped them on my front doorstep Tuesday. This is them...

Gena...I said to myself... for goodness sake, let go !!
I have been, as you know from that post last week.
But there must be more to let go of... to let out, to let unravel, to set free and let be a path on which I can travel.

A few things come to mind today... I need to let go of fear, especially the fear that messes with your head and stops you from going after what you want. I need to let go of judging and criticising and punishing myself for stuff I did and didn't do in the past. I need to let go of worry cos it takes me out of the present and into a future which doesn't even exist. How ludicrous! There's no room for joy when I'm doing any of that. No room for peace. Or contentment.

No room for love.

That print has been in my life for almost a year (Thanks Eddie xx) I walk past it daily - countless times. And I can tell you it's already had a positive impact on me -  it reminds me to keep on that journey of unravelling and let it be the path.

It's not easy, but is anything that's really worthwhile or valuable?


  1. HI G, I have just caught up on Seeker and much to take in and very very powerful. I Love your words, its sometimes nice to read a few at once, felt like I was reading very short and enjoyable novel.

    Love J.Lo xxxx

  2. Oh goose bumps! That's a gorgeous thing to say J.Lo. Your responses mean a lot to me. Thank you will all my heart xx

  3. this post is exactly what i needed today aunty gena! I am the biggest over-thinker; the fear and worry that comes with it interrupts myself at the present moment in time and ultimately prevents me moving forward. LET GO!

  4. More goose bumps Cait! I'm so pleased it helped. Amazing how we get the right message at the right time :) xx

  5. Beautiful words, thoughts and energy. xxx